Syra Rent


Our company offers a selection of motorcycles and scooters, specially designed for exploring our island with comfort, through small alleys and heavy traffic during the summer.

Why a scooter?

Renting a moto or scooter from us is a great way to explore Syros at your own pace, enjoying the amazing scenery and hidden secrets of the island. Especially in the summer season when there is high traffic, and it is difficult to finding parking near Ermoupolis, scooters are the best means of transport on the island. Choosing a scooter practically saves time and makes transportation fun!

Τύπος ━ Μηχανή ━ Σασμάν

  • Scooter
  • Βενζίνη
  • Αυτόματο

Κυβικά ━━ Ίπποι

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  • 8


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    1 Απρίλιος 2024

    Oti na nai

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Syra Rent

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Syra Rent

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