Villa Zen Dans Le Blue

  • 12 guests
  • 3 bathrooms
  • 5 bedrooms
I try to make my home a calm peaceful nest for my guests. My experience of my travels around the world gives me the opportunity to give back what I have received. The house has one of the best sunrise in the aegean archipelago.There is an extreme pallette of blue from the morning till the evening .The sea plays with the sky the whole day long. The verandas become the second house of my guests. They rarely leave the house even for sightseeing. The bedrooms make you dream and the wind through the mosquitonets sail you in the deepest blue . The name villa zen dans le blue really is the most punctual description. Just enjoy the gift of being in the magic Aegean sea
I am a traveler around the world and a garment designer! The road was and is always an inspiration . Everything moves ( τα πάντα ρει ) my logo. So this experience made me own this property and serve travelers as I would like to be served .
A peaceful calm neighbourhood. There are not so many villas around .The villa zen dans le blue has complet privacy. The sea is all around.The ermoupolis and centre of the island is 15 minutes on foot and 2 minutes by car.
  • Επιτρέπονται τα κατοικίδια


  • Κλιματιστικό

  • Wifi

  • Smart TV

  • Σεσουάρ

  • Τζάκι

  • Γραφείο


  • Πισίνα

  • Ιδιωτική Πισίνα

  • Parking


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